I read a book called, “Ring of Fire” about these two guys who sailed around Indonesia and I thought, “Can I do that too?” Britta, owner of Bluewater Cruises.

Mentigi Bay in Lombok is a magic and stunning place. Just twenty minutes south of the Medana Bay Marina and a short drive north of the tourist hot spot of Senggigi. Right on the beach in a beautiful setting is the Lombok base of Bluewater Cruises an adventure travel company set up by expat Britta from Europe.

“The crew were sweet and helpful.” Review in Booking.com by Anonymous solo traveller – June 2012.

Ocean lovers this is it, Indonesia’s first floating hotel. Vietnam’s got them, Cambodia‘s got them and India’s had them since the time of the Moghuls at Kashmir, now its Indonesia’s turn. Anchored off the very popular Gili Trawangan in the north west of Lombok is an exciting new venture trading under the banner of Mentigi Bay.

“This is the miserablist place on earth” apologies to William Dampier, Captain of the ship Roebuck – 1770’s describing NW of Australia.

Early European Sailors
Sailors from Europe have been coming to this part of the world for hundreds of years. Of course when they got here they found complex maritime and trading systems exchanging goods as far as China and Africa and places in between.

“From little things, big things grow”.  –Paul Kelly Australian Singer/Songwriter.
2012 is shaping up as the biggest year yet for sailing in Indonesia. Despite the worlds’ economic gloom and doom more and more yachties are choosing a sail through Indonesia as an item on their must do lists. And it is no wonder with the number of events being planned. Next month is the Back to Down Under Rally 2012.

Indonesia has only three marinas. From west to east they are Nongsa Point at Batam Island, Pantai Mutiara at Jakarta and Bali Marina at Benoa. For those of you who are geographically minded you will immediately work out that to the east and to the north of Bali, a huge area covering some of the best sailing seas in the world, there are no marinas.

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