Can I speak to the Captain?” said an important looking Harbour Master in a remote Indonesian port ?  Says Captain Ruth, “I am the Captain, Pak?”

Get a bunch of men and women on a yacht and something happens to the men. They turn into Captains and become the biggest chauvinists around. 

“I am agitated by a thousand fears.” Rose de Freycinet in a letter to her mother in 1817.

Rose de Freycinet (b1794 – d1832) was a remarkable and brave French woman who in 1817, at 22 years old, snuck on board the French corvette Uranie to join her somewhat older husband, Captain Louis de Freycinet (b1779 to d1841) on a three year circumnavigation of scientific discovery.

The annual Sail Indonesia Rally is under way. About 80 yachts left Darwin Australia on Saturday 27 July for what must be one of the most remarkable sailing events going. Yachts from all over the world gathered in Darwin before the start to get their yachts ready, attend the famous Farewell BBQ, get their final sailing instructions and glide past the start boat to begin a three month sailing odyssey through the beautiful waters of Indonesia.

“I love Phinisi boats. They are big and beamy and have plenty of room and are very safe. Hardly felt the boat move at all.” Happy customer on Pirate Dinner Cruise.

Sunsets in Bali are surreal. Even more so when you are on the upper deck of big Phinisi yacht leaving Benoa Harbour with a whole bunch of people dressed as pirates. Underneath the iridescent skyline are the emerging lights of Tanjung Benoa that sparkle amid the wailing of the mullahs calling the devout to prayer.

It was a spectacular sight. Over 80 yachts anchored in the tranquil waters off Lovina Beach in North Bali. The night could not have been better as the excited locals gathered towards the brightly coloured stage awaiting the start of the official welcome party. The Bupati was there sitting in the front row along with other dignitaries from the Buleleng Regency.

“In 2009 a visiting sailor participating in Sail Indonesia Rally said to me that this was the first anchorage since leaving Darwin that she could come ashore and not get her feet wet” Ace Robin owner of Medana Bay Marina.

There is only one marina between Darwin and Bali and that is the Medana Bay Marina in NW Lombok. It is very close to the main thoroughfare route, right next door are the popular Gili Islands and it is a modest day sail from Bali’s Benoa Harbour.

“We did most things well in 2011 but hope to do a lot better in 2013. We are bending over backwards and concentrating our efforts to lift the numbers in 2013,” Bernie Kaaks – FSC Media Contact.

In a scoop for Bali Advertiser readers the Indonesian Government’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism ‘Welcome Indonesia’ promotion in conjunction with the Fremantle Sailing Club are set to announce the Fremantle to Bali 2013 Ocean Race and Rally.

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