Detour to Bira to Build a Boat.

“I did what he said and he doesn’t know it and it change my life.” Ex – pat Chris from Long Island New York.

It is amazing how life turns out. One day you are heading in one direction and then for, who knows why, you heading in a completely different direction.

Bali Misses Out on a New Marina
The recent decision by the company Peilndo Property Indonesia to build a new marina, with the esoteric name of Boom Beach Marina,  in Banyuwangi instead of Bali is an intriguing decision to say the least. Most punters would think that Bali would be the number one choice for any infrastructure project that caters to the needs of visiting yachties.

It amazing sometimes what you can learn when you are talking with interesting people. In this case it was Joris Kolijn, General Manager of SeaTrek Sailing Adventures. For example, did you know that Alfred Russell Wallace formulated the theory of natural selection while lying in bed with a raging fever in Ternate here in Indonesia?

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