Cruising Guide to Indonesia: A Pilot Guide to Indonesian Waters

by Captain Su -

Now Available!! “Cruising Guide to Indonesia: A Pilot Guide to Indonesian Watersby Andy Scott 2nd Edition

“Andy Scott’s comprehensive guide to Indonesia is a godsend to any sailor planning to discover the attractions of one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. The wealth of detail and clarity of presentation makes it among the best publications of its kind.” — Jimmy Cornell, author of World Cruising Routes, Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, and founder of the ARC sailing rally.

Twenty years ago there weren’t many books that you could buy with info about sailing around wonderful Indonesia. In fact I remember the owner of one book shop who specialized in selling sailing cruising guides offered Captain Su $75 a copy if I wrote a book about cruising in Indonesia.  He saw the potential rise in interest in Indonesia but unfortunately at the time had to turn away his enquiring customers. Of course there were the old and trusted Admiralty Pilots such as, “Admiralty Sailing Directions – Indonesian Pilot” by UK Hydrographic Office. But they are mainly for large motorized ships with the sailing section written a few centuries ago for large sailing vessels.In 1999 along came, “Southeast Asia Cruising Guide, Volume II”by Stephen Davies & Elaine Morgan. Followed, shortly thereafter, by “101 Anchorages within the Indonesian Archipelago”by Geoff Wilson. With the web publication, Cruising Indonesia by the Hacking Family, even the internet gets a look in. The family put together a highly instructive web page when they cruised through Indonesian waters some time ago. And the books just keep on coming as Indonesia becomes a more and more popular sailing destination. And then in 2014 Andy Scott’sCruising Guide to Indonesiawas written. Now available in a2nd edition as copies of the 1st edition were snappedup by sailors eager for up to date information.


Andy Scott Releases 2nd Edition of Cruising Guide to Indonesia

In a recent press release sailor and author Andy Scott announced the 2ndedition of his much acclaimed book, “Cruising Guide to Indonesia: A Pilot Guide to Indonesian Waters”. He said,”10/11/2015 at 2:38 pm–Sailing in Indonesia is definitely on the rise and more and more yachts are visiting every year. The Indonesian government is pushing hard for development in the marine sector and new facilities are being built and funded as demand increases. Government regulations are changing for the better and the old large scale corruption seems to have been eradicated and sailors are taking note. Instead of hurriedly passing through the country yachts are now beginning to linger and some are even choosing to stay year around. As this part of Asia continues to develop rapidly we advise all sailors planning to sail in Indonesia to contact Cruising Guide Indonesia in order to be wellinformed on the current hurdles and difficulties you might encounter while sailing through Indonesia.”

New Chapters, New Sailing Destinations

Andy goes on to say that,There is truly no greater cruising ground than Indonesia. With 18,000 isles covering some two million square miles of pristine tropical water and a rich and vibrant local culture there truly can be no comparison. Cruising Guide Indonesia covers everything the prudent navigator needs to safely ply the Indonesian waters and enjoy the largest and best island nation in the world. “

Included in the 2nd edition are:

  • New chapters covering the Triton Bay, Saumlaki, Kai, Anambas, and Natuna areas.
  • Extensive updates and additions to all of our previous 25 chapters.
  • Detailed charts including approaches, waypoints and GPS coordinates.
  • Dangers, chart errors, missing islands, reefs and rocks.
  • Formalities, Immigration, Customs, Harbor Master and National Park regulations.
  • Regional weather patterns, local anomalies and currents.
  • Shore side facilities, restaurants, beach bars, supermarkets, provisioning and fueling.
  • Cultural excursions, waterfalls, wildlife, diving, hiking, climbing, day tripping, etc…
  • Comprehensive coverage: 304 pages thick with more than 400 anchorages.
  • 29 chapters covering the whole of the Indonesian Archipelago

Where to Buy

The new edition can be found here in Indonesia through Periplus Books stores, Books and Beyond, as well as both Indonesian Marine Services and Asia Pacific Superyachts offices and again in Isle Marine Services office in Serangan.   Cruising Guide Indonesia ships globally through the secure website: as well as through

More Yachts Heading for Indonesia

Even though the numbers may be down on some of the organised rallies such as Sail Indonesia the trend is that more yachts are sailing through Indonesian waters every year. The Indonesian government is helping with a clear indication that they want to ease up on regulations and also want to encourage development of marine tourism in general. The government anticipates a massive increase of investment in marine tourism infrastructure. Some of it geared towards visiting yachts. Some skippers decry the lack of marinas and general facilities but others are happy with the Indonesia just the way it is. The old days of wary sailors always looking for pirates and corrupt officials are gone. As Andy has said above many choose to take a little longer rather than rushing through in a hurry to get to Langkawi or Phuket.

Photo Andy Jimmy C quote

“Cruising Guide to Indonesia: A Pilot Guide to Indonesian Waters” comes highly recommended by the wise ones of the cruising community.

Happy Sailing !!!

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