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“Sail Indonesia is one of the biggest sailing events in SE Asia. Most definitely the biggest sailing event, by far, in Indonesian waters. There is nothing that comes close.” Captain Su.

Indonesia’s biggest sail event, the annual Sail Indonesia Rally is schedule to start, this year, from Darwin on 29 July and some months later finish in Banka Tengah near Singapore at the end of October.

The Sail 2 Indonesia Rally is on again this year starting in July at Debut in South East Maluku and finishing up at Batam, near Singapore, in late October. The rally is a joint venture between Raymond Lesmana and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism with a New Zealand outfit the International Cruising Association handling registrations via the web.

“Bali and its friendly people are a major part of the events appeal and the social events following the arrival of boats including a superb presentation dinner staged outdoors by the Indonesian government to showcase their country’s culture and cuisine all serve to make the Fremantle to Bali memorable for participating sailors and the families who fly up to greet and celebrate the achievement of all boats.” Bob Kucera – Skipper of sv Marco Polo.

‘It is great fun;you pull up in your boat and go shopping. “One watermelon and a dragon fruit, please,”says I, at a fruit shop, somewhere along the river.’Captain Su.

Sometimes is a good idea to take a break from cruising and get off the boat for a while. Go inland and explore a different environment. One with trees, rivers, lakes and people. Get away from the sun, wind and the constant motion of the boat. Indonesia has real potential here. The most obvious shore trip that comes to mind is a visit to Komodo Island to see real live dragons.

Now Available!! “Cruising Guide to Indonesia: A Pilot Guide to Indonesian Watersby Andy Scott 2nd Edition

“Andy Scott’s comprehensive guide to Indonesia is a godsend to any sailor planning to discover the attractions of one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. The wealth of detail and clarity of presentation makes it among the best publications of its kind.” — Jimmy Cornell, author of World Cruising Routes, Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, and founder of the ARC sailing rally.

“The Anambas is a beautiful place untouched by tourism.”  Captain of sv Alba

Noonsite is a must read website for anyone interested in cruising the open seas. Noonsite’s main objective is to provide cruising sailors with comprehensive information regarding the necessary formalities, paperwork and costs for clearing into all countries worldwide, plus essential marine facilities in all ports.

“I want to create my own market and focus on their needs rather than try and please everybody.”   Amanda from Indonesian Island Sail.

When you open the web page for Indonesian Island Sail you get an immediate lift. It is full of life, vigour, hope and a ‘I can do that’ attitude. The fellow that created this web site should be proud. There are many web sites that promote sailing adventures in Indonesian waters. 

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